Zoom Phone App for Salesforce
User Guide


Use the Zoom Phone App within Salesforce to seamlessly place a call from the Phone widget. This integration works for Salesforce Lightning or Classic.


  • Zoom account with a Zoom Phone call plan
  • Installation of the Zoom App for Salesforce
    Note: If the app is not installed, contact your Zoom and Salesforce admins.

Making Phone Calls

To make calls, login to the Zoom Client and the Zoom App in Salesforce. The Zoom app automatically saves call logs to tasks in Salesforce.

VoiceMail and Recordings

Voicemail and recordings are attached to call logs on the Tasks page. Audio data is stored in the Zoom cloud. When you delete the voicemail recordings in the Zoom client, you are no longer be able to access and play the voicemail recording in Salesforce.


To playback messages, click the VoiceMail volume icon. The app displays the transcription of the voicemail.

Phone Auto-Save Call Logs

Your admin can enable the app to automatically save your call logs in Salesforce or disable the feature and allow you to manually save your call logs.

Automatically Save Phone Call Logs

The app automatically saves the call log. For each call, you have you can:

  • Click Subject to locate the task record in Salesforce.
  • Click Delete to remove the current call log record in Salesforce.

To view the call records, go to the Tasks tab.

Manually Save Phone Call Logs

The app does not automatically save your call logs in Salesforce. You can choose whether to save the call log for each call. For each call, you have you can:

  • Click Save or Save And Close All to save the record for the call.
  • Click Close to not save the record for the call.

Log Calls from Anywhere

All calls can be logged, regardless of whether or not you are signed into Salesforce. Whether you are mobile and making Zoom calls from your client, you can still have all your calls logged.

  1. From the App Launcher, search for External Zoom Call Logs.
    On initial launch, the following page appears.


  1. To perform a search for your call logs, click within the StartDate box to expand the calendar.
  2. Select your date range and click Search. You can display calls back a maximum of 3 days.
  3. All call logs are selected by default. Click Save to Salesforce.
  4. To view the saved logs, navigate to the Tasks tab.

To not save the call logs to Salesforce, click Dismiss for each call log. Dismissing a record deletes only the record of when the calls were made or received. The call logs will not appear in searches, but are still available from Zoom.

Updating Call Log Information

When a phone number is not associated with any call records available within Salesforce the app displays the Contact/Lead box with empty data (greyed out).


To create a new Contact/Lead to associate the phone number:

  1. Save the call log.
  2. Navigate to Tasks.
    The app displays the records of your calls. The Details screen displays any contact names or leads associated with the phone number.
  3. Navigate to and click the phone number. Click the Name box to display existing contacts. Click New Contact to add a name.