Security & Privacy

Using the Salesforce integration with Zoom requires access to specific data. Information collected and provided to 3rd parties for this integration is listed below.

How Your Data Is Used

This app accesses and uses the following information from your Zoom account:

  • User Information:
    • Zoom Phone User ID:
    • Zoom User ID:
    • Zoom User Email Address:
    • PMI Meeting Password:
    • Available add-on services:
  • Meeting Information - displayed in your Salesforce event page after meetings are created:
    • Meeting Topic
    • Join URL
    • Meeting Password
    • Participants and Number of participants
    • Zoom Meeting Start & End Times
    • Zoom Meeting ID
    • Zoom Meeting Duration
    • Start URLs
    • Host User ID
  • Recording Information - displayed in your event page after meetings are completed:
    • Recording Start & End time
    • Zoom Recording PLay URL
    • Recording Type
  • Webinar Information - displayed in your webinar page after webinars are created:
    • Webinar Topic
    • Webinar Description/Agenda
    • Webinar Start & End Time
    • Webinar Join URL
    • Webinar Registration URL
    • Webinar Settings (approval type, allow users to join on multiple devices, close registration after specific date, host and participant video setting, practice session, webinar password):
    • Participant Count
    • Actual Start & End Times
    • Registrant information (First name, last name, Registrant ID, registrant join URL, approval status, any Zoom webinar registrant questions)
    • Attendee information (Attendee ID, Attendee User ID, email, name, join & leave time, and duration)
    • Panelist Information (Name, email, Panelist ID, Panelist Join URL)
  • Zoom Phone Call Details - displayed in your phone call logs:
    • Ring Start Time
    • Answer Start Time
    • Call End Time
    • Call Duration
    • Call ID
    • Callee Extension number
    • Callee Phone number
    • Caller Extension number
    • Caller Phone number
    • Signal Status

This app accesses and uses the following information from your Salesforce account:

  • Users’ contact/lead info (first name, last name, email) - Used when registering those contacts/leads for Zoom webinars