May 2021
(Current Release)


The May release for LTI Pro is available as of May 30, 2021. This release of contains the following enhancements and bug fixes:

New and Enhanced Features

Multiple Language Support:

  • You can now translate LTI Pro to any language supported by Zoom Web.
  • LTI Pro uses the language in the user’s Zoom user account profile.
  • Changing the language in LTI Pro also changes the language in the Zoom user account.
  • If the user does not have a Zoom account, LTI Pro uses the language in their LMS user profile.
  • LTI Pro stores the new language on the browser.
  • LTI Pro uses English as the default language when no language can be determined.

Bug Fixes

Assigning a user to a Zoom user group by LTI attribute will match if the config attribute value is a subset of the LTI request’s value.


  • Config value of “value1,value2” will not match “value1” from the LTI request.
  • Config value of “value1” will match “value1,value2” from the LTI request.
  • Config value of “value1,value2” will match “value1,value2,value3” from the LTI request.

Known Issues

This release has the following known issues:

  • The Breakout Room pre-assign meeting option is not currently supported when scheduling a meeting with LTI Pro. Users have the following workarounds to enable this option:
    • Schedule the meeting in LTI Pro and then log in to the Zoom portal to enable the option for the meeting.
    • Schedule the meeting on the Zoom portal and then import the meeting into a course with LTI Pro.
  • Changing the LTI Pro installer user role from Admin to Member on the Edit User page causes LTI Pro to stop working because the role will not have the necessary permissions.
  • You can’t import meetings into LTI Pro that were created in an account that was merged into another account.
  • You can’t edit single meetings within recurring meetings.
  • Updates to meetings from the Zoom portal aren’t updated in LTI Pro Calendar events.
  • The LTI Pro config page is not translated.