LTI Pro for Moodle - LTI 1.3


This article provides specific instructions for configuring Zoom’s LTI Pro with Moodle.

Note: Please ensure that LTI Pro has been installed and you are signed in to configure LTI Pro.

Configuring LTI Pro on Moodle

  1. Create a new credential or update a credential from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3 in the configuration page
    “Select which LTI version to use” choose “LTI 1.3“

  2. Create a Client ID in Moodle

    1. Login to Moodle as an Admin
    2. Go to: Site administration→ Plugins → External tool → Manage tools → configure a tool manually
    3. External tool configuration
      1. Set “Tool name“ what you want
      2. Copy “Target Link URL“ in configuration page to “Tool URL
      3. LTI version“ choose “LTI 1.3“
      4. Public key type“ choose “Keyset URL
      5. Copy “Public JWK URL“ in configuration page to “Public keyset
      6. Copy “Tool Redirect URL“ in configuration page to “Redirection URI(s)
      7. Copy “Login Initiation URL“ in configuration page to “Initiate login URL
      8. Click “Save Changes"
  3. Add Client ID to LTI Pro Credentials

    1. Find the Tool that was created in step 2 in the Manage tools page of Moodle
    2. Click the “View configuration details“ button
    3. On LTI Pro Configuration Page go to : 3rd Party Credentials → LTI Moodle → Add Instance
    4. Add the domain used to access Moodle to “LTI Moodle Site Domain”
    5. Copy the Moodle tool Client ID to LTI Advantage “Client ID
    6. Click “Save” button

  4. Add Tool to Moodle Course

    1. On Moodle go to the Course that you want to add the Tool too
    2. Go to: Turn editing on → Add an activity or resource → choose External tool
      1. Enter “Activity name“ what you want
      2. For “Preconfigured tool“ choose the Tool created in Step 3
      3. Click “Save and return to course” button

  5. Launch LTI 1.3

    1. Click the link to the Tool that was just added in Step 4 and the LTI Pro user interface should appear: